Real savings are possible as soon as with your second translation with us. How does it work? With the translation software Translation Memory (TM).

This is how Translation Memory works:

We create a personal database – the Translation Memory – for every individual customer in our portal. The translation software offers many advantages: All your translations are saved in your TM. Whenever you order another translation, our software analyzes the text and identifies Repetitions and 100% identical sentence pairs, as well as similar phrases.

And that is where you can save real money This does not only ensure that the quality of the translation is improved by this comparison, but these repetitions are also discounted – they are not counted as new translations. What this means for you is, that the more translations you order, the more data is added to your personal database which leads to a higher potential for savings.
Save on translations

Save up to 70% on translations

The costs for a translation are generally calculated per word or per standard line. Utilizing a Translation Memory removes the need to translate identical or similar passages. Clients can therefore save up to 70% compared to a new translation. See for yourself:

We used real, anonymized, client examples in our diagrams. Here, you can clearly see the costs with and without utilizing a TM.
Let us take a closer look at the example of client A:
The client initially ordered a translation consisting of 11.820 words. The costs, with a price per word of 0,1395€, would usually amount to 1.648,89€. However, this is where our powerful CAT-Tool, the Translation Memory, comes in. The tool identifies 103 repetitions and a total of 8.399 similar phrases. The tool then, in a final step, calculates a price of 518,55€ – which amounts to tremendous savings of 1.130,34€ (68,55%)! As you can see, you can save real money on your translations – thanks to our TM. We think this is a good argument why you or your company should order a translation with Leginda! Try for yourself!
Client B would normally pay 7.158,44 €, however, in this example they benefit from a cost reduction of 54,59% and only pay 3.250,92 € after the Translation Memory discount.
Client C even saves 69,45%; instead of 2.344,58 € they pay only 716,31 € after the Translation Memory discount.

All advantages at a glance:

Saved translations are retrieved and compared to new translations

Repeated phrases are always translated consistently

New phrases are saved immediately/

Translations can be executed faster and more efficiently

Enormous time- and cost savings for you as a client

You own your data

Of course, you own all data that is saved in the TM. Your data is always accessible, for example for internal use.
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