Delivery Modes

6 delivery types to choose from

In order for you to receive your translation when it is needed, we offer various delivery types to choose from:

Standard delivery

The translation is delivered on a specific date depending on the length of the text and the best price. We process 150 words, including final check, per hour.

Express translation 1
You receive your translation at a specific time. Per hour, we process 182 words including proofreading and final check. A surcharge of only 20% applies for this.

Express translation 2
With this delivery type the processing time is reduced significantly and we also deliver at a fixed agreed date and time. A surcharge of 35% applies. For this level we translate 245 words per hour.

Express translation 3

This express translation is the fastest delivery type with 322 words per hour including final check.

Overnight express translation
If the text consists of no more than 350 words and the order is placed before 4 pm, we deliver the translation, for most language combinations, by the following morning – and that without express delivery surcharge! If you order earlier, the word total delivered by hour increases by 140 words.

Individual requests
In case of very urgent translations or very large texts, we will be happy to agree on a special delivery deadline. Please use the individual request form in the work space section of the online system.