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More than 4.5 million words per annum

Nearly 40% of these were marketing related texts. This means that you can build on the valuable experience of 1.8 million words translated by us.

Focus on the promotional message

With empathy and the right feel for the language we will get your claim out there, contemporary, industry-specific and perfectly suited to the cultural background of the target country.

Much more than a literal translation

Our translators make sure your contents have the right packaging and the appropriate tonality. Just as if the translations were originally written in the target language.

Processing in InDesign

If you deliver us idml files, you will receive your translation worked directly in InDesign. No text overflow, no cumbersome adjustments of the translations in the target documents.

Preservation of the layout

All editable text templates will be returned 1:1, exactly to the specifications of the source document.


Fast and flexible communication. It’s important today and we will deliver your translation overnight, for the next morning.