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Specialist translators for IT

We have successfully completed many large projects in the field of localization and software translations in many languages with our specialist IT translators. Benefit from our experience and know-how.

Text variety

Software and hardware texts, user manuals, translation of websites, E-learning modules, ERP systems – this is just a brief selection of the type of texts we offer.

Quality control

By applying the DIN EN 15038 standard, quality control already starts when placing your order, with the selection of highly qualified language experts who have the relevant industry expertise. Additionally, our translations are proofread by a second translator and then submitted to a final check. This procedure ensures that our IT translations are always of high quality and accurate.

IT team

Our IT team of programmers guarantees the required adjustments and has the necessary knowledge and experience to adapt translations to their environment.

Prompt processing

Thanks to our online system we are able to process translations very quickly. With our express level 3, which you can choose when ordering, you receive your translation in a very short period of time.

Global translator network

Our network consists of more than 3,000 international linguists. Our translators work according to the target country principle and live in the country in which the target language is spoken.

Strictest confidentiality and encrypted data transmission

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of all your texts. We will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement. All data is transmitted via an encrypted connection (https), just like your online banking.