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Experienced specialist translators

Our translators are specialists in the field of translation of industrial product brochures, user manuals, data safety sheets and any other technical documentation.

All markets

We translate and localize for all markets, taking local cultural conditions in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, America and the Far East into account.

Translations according to DIN EN

For all our translations, we strictly adhere to the provisions of DIN EN 15038, for which we are certified.

Encrypted file transfer

Our online portal has encrypted connections (https://). The transfer of your texts and documents is more secure than per e-mail.

Upload options for large data files

The file size of texts and documents may be up to 200 MB. For larger files, we will give you access to a server with an even higher data transfer capacity.

Use of CAT tools

We have a language server by Across and also work with SDL Trados. Take advantage of the benefits we can offer you herewith.

Happy customers

Many SMEs, but also large groups of companies entrust us with their translations and value the ease of use of our online portal and our high quality execution of all orders.

Direct contact persons

Our project managers are available to provide answers for any questions you might have. During our opening hours you can reach them immediately per phone.