Leginda’s ordering process

Leginda’s ordering process

Log in at Leginda.de with your account. You are not registered at Leginda.de yet? Then create an account at https://www.leginda.de/en/new-account.

1 Request quote

Click “Request quote” in the menu and select the order type that you want to create a quote for.

Leginda’s ordering process

Leginda’s ordering process

2 Send text

Enter the corresponding order title. 1

Please bear in mind that the order title will be displayed in the invoice. You can alter the title later on.
Now select a source language and a target language. 2
Multiple target languages can be selected.

Optionally, you can also select a specialist field 3 from the list.

Next 4 select how you want to send the text that will be translated. You can upload an existing document or ZIP file or enter free text.
To do this, move the radio button to the left for “Enter free text” or to the right for “Upload document” 5.

Once you have made your selection, click “Submit”. 6

3 Calculate price

To confirm the price and place a binding order, select the desired delivery option by clicking the corresponding box. 1
The checkmark shows which option is currently selected.

Under 2 you can download the quote.

If the price has not been calculated and is not displayed, click the button “Request individual calculation”. 3
This option should also be used if you have chosen one of the express delivery options. Our project managers will attend to this without delay and create an “individual quote”. You will be notified once this has been done and will be able to view the quote in the portal.

You can use the button “Contact Leginda” 4 to send a message to our project managers. Your message history is documented in the tab “Events and messages”.

To place an order, click “Order”. 5

If you have any additional information in the form of files (glossaries, reference translations, style guides etc.), you can upload them under 6 .

Under 7 you can see an overview of the number of words to be translated and other information.

Leginda’s ordering process

Leginda’s ordering process

4 Place order

Before the order is placed, you are given an overview of all the information relating to the order 1 : price, expected delivery date, and invoice data.

If you want to change the billing address or add a new address, you can use the function 2 “Change billing address”.

Under 3 you can write a message and add information on the order.

To place the order conclusively, confirm the terms and conditions and click the button “Commit to pay” under 4 .

The ordering process is now complete.
We will inform you by email when the order has been completed.