Leginda’s ordering process


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1 Requesting a translation quotation

Click on “Request translation quotation” 1 and select the type of order for which you wish to get an offer.

Leginda’s ordering process
Leginda’s ordering process
Leginda’s ordering process

2 Sending text

Under Source language 1, select the language your text was initially written in.

Under Target language(s) 2, select the language(s) your text is to be translated into. You get to choose several here.

The next step 3 consists in selecting in which form you want to send us your text.
You can upload an already existing document, type in free text, or upload a ZIP archive.

If you want to upload an existing document, mark the point “Upload document(s)” and click on “+Add file(s)” to upload the desired file(s). You are not limited to one choice here as well.

Now 4 you will have to name your data or free text and also have the possibility to assign a specialist field to it 5.

You are now done with entering things. Click on “Calculate” in the left bottom corner to perform price calculation.

3 Price calculation

To accept the price and commission the translation, click on 1 the shopping cart icon. You can also request a special calculation via the other icon right beneath the shopping cart one

Under 2, you can print the offer.

Under 3, you can upload additional information

Under 4, you get an overview of the word count of your free text or uploaded document as well as informations concerning the price.

The expected delivery date is also given.

Leginda’s ordering process
Leginda’s ordering process

4 Order data

Details specific to your order are visible under order data 1

Under 2, you can change the delivery type and get informations about the conditions of each type.


5 Messages and finalising the ordering process

Under1, you can send an individual message and add additional information to your order.

To finalise the order and send the message you have typed, click on “Send” after having accepted the terms and conditions.

The process is now over.

Leginda’s ordering process