Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

Routine (business) translations do not always have to be done by a human being. Translations provided with the help of the latest advances in technology and computer linguistics research could be a perfectly acceptable alternative if all you need is having an idea of what a foreign language text says.

Here is a summary of the benefits of using NMT:

• Speed: a powerful argument is the incredible speed of NMT, giving you a translation within seconds.

• Integration: integrate machine translation and its benefits with human translation and its advantages. Let the machine translate all or parts of your text first to give you a sense of the meaning. Then use a translator to accurately translate any pertinent passages and provide you with a final version of the text.

• Self-learning: our translation machines learn independently and are improving all the time.

• Security: any texts you ask Leginda to translate are kept reliably secure. We do not use any publicly available or free services that do not give any guarantees about where your texts are stored.

• Company-specific: we are able to provide you with translation machines that have been trained in your specialist terminology and can be customised with your own company-specific translation memory.

We offer neural machine translation in these languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian.


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