We use CAT-tools to convert translations for software localization. This allows for efficient workflow, quick translations and a reduction of costs to you. Adapting to cultural factors requires special care, making sure, for example, that measurements are not simply translated, but transposed correctly to the local region. This applies equally to date and time expressions.

We localize more than just the contents of your software

Translating software content is just one element of the complete localization process. There are also colors, fonts, character sets, audio/speech functions and regional tastes of music.
When done correctly, no one should realize that the localized software product has been translated. The user interface should appear to have been developed specifically for the target market.

Does your software need localizing?

At Leginda, you’ll find the right translator for your translation needs and localization of your software product. Our IT department employs programmers versed in every current programming language, such as Angular, C++, C#, Java and PHP.

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