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Voice Over

Voice Over

Distinctive voices stick to our memories: This is why not only the appearance of actors is important but also the sound of their voices, which is often quite distinctive. Well-trained voices are decisive for success in fields in which pure audio media are used, such as audio books, audio guides and podcasts etc. Different voices, languages or dialects can emphasize certain features or reach target groups in telephone prompts or navigation systems.

Dubbing: It’s the voice that counts!

For most films – web videos, corporate films, but also for computer games etc. – besides music, language is of great importance for bringing across contents and atmospheres. Everyone who has ever compared a dubbed version of a movie to the original is aware of how important the right sound of voice is for movies. Often, an actor has a much less full and interesting voice than the dubbing voice. To create a harmonious and impressive unit of image, music and text, in which facts are correctly conveyed, know-how and other resources are required.

Are foreign languages needed?

If you would like to address listeners from other countries, in addition to your German audience, our pool of professional speakers, both female and male, offers a wide range of native speaker voices with different sounds and personalities. As a translation agency we place highest value on the accuracy of conveying the source language into the target language. Terminology used, for example, in the technical field, but also colloquial phrases almost always require skills by “native speakers”.

Voice Over procedure

You choose a suitable speaker voice from our database. Once you have sent the script it is translated into the desired target language by a native speaker. Thereafter, the speaker voice you choose is recorded in an audio studio and an advance version is sent to you for checking. After approval, we will conduct the fine-tuning and eliminate any noises from the recording. This is then made available to you or, upon request, integrated into a video.

Dubbing, Voice Over, Translations

Our audio department offers professional services for all types of dubbing – from corporate presentations to E-learning and advertisements – in more than 40 languages!

Our extensive database contains speakers in more than 40 different languages (female, male, different voice types).

We offer professional and technically well executed audio for your navigation systems, videos, online training courses, podcasts and many more application fields with direct translation.