We localise your games!

Game Localization

  • Our team of specialised translators and IT experts offers the linguistical and cultural adaptation and translation of game contents including guides, game case texts, product presentations, instructions, tutorials, help texts, hardware and software specifications, subtitles and in-game texts,
  • graphical, audio, and video content,
  • websites, user interfaces, scripts, and animations
  • in more than 40 languages.

We rely on competence and specialised knowledge:

  • Specialised native speakers, who guarantee an optimal localisation
  • Qualified translators, who are capable of precisely translating audio content and texts and adapting them
  • Application of the target land principle: our translators live and work in countries where the target language is an official national language
  • Specialists with technical background knowledge and acquainted with the products´ specific terminology
  • Intern IT team familiar with all popular platforms (consoles, PC, Mac)
  • Project managers supervising the professional realisation of all projects in CAT tools and making sure that terminological data bases are used

Thanks to our linguistical and technical expertise, you will be able to sell your games on a global scale.