You want to internationalise your films and videos and subtitle them?

We offer high quality and accurate subtitling in more than 40 languages for movies and corporate videos.

Our global network of specialist translators and recording studios allows for a high-quality service in a bundled form, giving you a harmonious and consistent end result while you deal with one contact person.


Not only instruction manuals, books and correspondence are translated into a variety of languages, but also movie an TV films, DVDs and videos. This requires special linguistic expertise as one is not dealing with written speech but rather with the spoken word. At the same time a movie has concrete timelines for subtitles and translations. For example, the length of a dialogue is prescribed and may not be changed in the translation.

What is expected from a good movie translation?

Most importantly, viewers want to understand the text of the movie. If the translation is spoken, the pronunciation and choice of words should be easy to understand. The majority of audiences do not like it when mouth movements do not correspond to the spoken language. Mouth movements with no sound are perceived as particularly irritating. Therefore, the translated text should correspond as best as possible to the source text. The less a translation draws attention, the better the quality of the translation. Ideally, the audience does not notice it is watching a translation rather than the original movie.

The difficulty in subtitling movies is that most people read slower than they hear. Therefore, the dialogues often have to be shortened. Nevertheless, important details and information such as for example linguistic differences of the individual protagonists or special humour may not be lost. This requires a high level of linguistic intuition.

This is how we execute your orders

We offer translations or subtitling of your movies into more than 40 languages. To ensure that you are really happy with our work, we only work with native speakers (mother-tongue) and translators who  live in a country where your target language is spoken. This way we make sure that the spoken or written language is correct and adapted to the situation.

First, the entire text of your film is translated from the original into the target language. This is done by a translator who speaks this language daily. Therefore, the translator is acquainted with the difficult translation of colloquial expressions or regional phrases. After all, the character of the movie needs to be maintained. Thereafter, the translation is integrated into your video. If required, the text length is adapted to the source text as accurately as possible and with great care and linguistic intuition. Of course we will take care of this for you, too. Our goal is to deliver a perfectly subtitled movie which will thrill you and your audience.