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Specialist translators for legal content

Our specialists for legal translations guarantee absolute correctness of translations with legal content.

All fields of law

With our global translator network, we cover all fields of law, for example civil law, criminal law, public law and all sub-areas, for example EU law, insurance law, contract law, commercial law and much more.

Certifications by sworn translators

In addition to legally secure and absolutely accurate translations of legal documents, such as contracts or certificates, we also offer certifications by sworn translators.

Authentication and legalization

In addition to your translations, we also ensure that your translated and certified certifications are stamped with an apostille according to the Hague Convention and thus are internationally legally valid certifications.

If it needs to be quick

We are also here for very urgent translations. With our express processing, you receive your translations when you need them.

Absolute adherence to deadlines

By using our online platform, which is specifically designed in accordance with the DIN EN 15038 provisions, we have a very clear and secure work flow, which is a precondition for punctual delivery of your documents.

Strictest confidentiality and encrypted data transmission

We guarantee absolute secrecy of all your texts. We will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement. All data is transmitted via an encrypted connection (https), just like your online banking.