Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 17100

We at Leginda provide you with high-quality translations according to the internationally valid quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100.

What does the standard include?

DIN EN ISO 17100 contains rules for translation agencies and defines minimum requirements for

  • the professional qualifications of translators, editors, proofreaders, project managers and other specialists,
  • resource management, and particularly documentation and regularly updating and monitoring these parties’ skills,


  • the activities necessary for creating a high-quality translation.

The processes and activities in the pre-production phase:
The standard also specifies the aspects that have to be focused on before the actual translation process is started, including

  • the prerequisite for handling requests for proposals,
  • the feasibility study,
  • the agreement between the customer and the translation agency,
  • the creation of the translation project,
  • the administrative activities,
  • the technical aspects of creating the draft,
  • the linguistic specification, and
  • other relevant factors.

The processes in the production phase:
All of the required phases of the production process are also described in detail in DIN EN ISO 17100:

  • Project management
  • Translation and self-review of the translation by a professional translator
  • In-depth revision of the translation by a second translator (if an order is placed to this effect)
  • Proofreading of the draft and proofreading of the final version – if the customer orders these added-value services
  • Final verification and delivery of the translation by the project manager

The processes in the post-production phase:
The following activities complete a translation project according to DIN EN ISO 17100:

  • Handling potential modifications
  • Dealing with complaints and comments
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction
  • Managing project completion

We comply with the requirements set forth in DIN EN ISO 17100 in all project phases to offer you the best possible quality from start to finish.

Dekra ISO 17100