The Japanese language

Before writing was introduced in Japan, stories and traditions were passed on orally. After the Chinese writing system came to Japan, it was adapted into two pronunciation styles : On’yomi (Sino-Japanese reading) and Kun’yomi (native reading).
Regarding syntax, German-Japanese translation must pay special attention to word order differences, for example: The rule for word order is subject–object–verb. Often the subject is omitted completely.

Rely on our team of native speakers

Due to the complexity of the language, only an expert can deliver high-quality translations from German to Japanese and vice versa. For this reason, all of our translations are done using themother-tongue principle. We work exclusively with native speakers in order to guarantee high-quality translations that meet the linguistic, technical and cultural requirements of each language.

Affordable German-Japanese translation

As a certified translation company we will gladly help you gain an overview of the more than 50,000(!) Japanese characters and translate your document accurately.

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