The majority of people who speak Czech live in the Czech Republic. But a lot of Czech speakers also live in Germany, Romania, Austria and Croatia. The language is spoken by about 11 million people altogether.

The Czech language

Czech – or Bohemian, as it was known until the 20th century – developed from the Old Slavic at the end of the 10th century. Surprisingly, modern Czech has hardly changed since the 18th century.
As in German, Czech has three genders – feminine, masculine and neutral. In the Slavic language however, the word order in a sentence is not so important. This can often be arranged as desired, depending on what the speaker or writer wants to emphasise.

Specialist translators for your translations

Czech is considered to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. Alone the appearance of written Czech is noticeably different to a German text – not to mention the phonetical differences. For instance, it is possible to form a Czech sentence without a single vowel! For these reasons, choosing the right translator is crucial. As we work according to the native speaker and target country principles, we not only deliver high-quality linguistic translations but also ensure that these are adapted in terms of culture and formality requirements.

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