Portuguese is spoken as a native language by around 240 million Portuguese and Brazilians. This makes Portuguese one of the languages with the most native speakers worldwide.

The language in Portugal and Brazil

Like French, Spanish and Italian, Portuguese is a Romance language and has been the official language of Portugal since 1290. Over time, Portuguese has been influenced by various other languages so that Celtic and Arabic influences, for example, can still be recognized to this day.
The main difference between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese lies in its pronunciation. However, there are also several differences in terms of grammar and vocabulary. These aspects all need to be taken into consideration when translating.

Translation according to the target country principle

So, Portuguese isn’t in fact always the Portuguese you think it is! Although European and Brazilian Portuguese resemble one another, it is important that translations take into account the cultural differences of the respective target country. Even formal aspects, such as the way people address one another, play an important role in both Portugal and Brazil.
This is why we work with native speakers and guarantee high-quality translations in line with both native speaker and target country principles. That way, you won’t miss out on important business because of a poor translation.

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