Looking at its surface area, France is the largest country in Western Europe. Numerous countries count the French among their neighbours: Belgium and Luxemburg to the north-east, Italy to the south-east, Spain to the south-west and Germany as well as Switzerland to the east. Thanks to its wealth of attractions, France is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the European continent. Beyond its borders, the country is renowned for its gastronomy, especially for its wines and cheeses, but also for its eventful history and numerous fashion houses.

The French Language

There’s a much-used phrase here in the Saarland – “Live like God in France” (its meaning: to live a life of ease and luxury). Many people see France as offering a high quality of life and plenty of culture. The French language is very much part of this and is continuously moderated by the Académie française. This is because the French have a very special relationship with their language. The use of English, such as the word “computer” for example, is relatively rare as the French prefer to use words from their own language instead. Once a year, a national dictation competition is broadcast; millions of viewers gather to watch and write along with the show. Afterwards, long discussions about grammar and the interpretation of rules take place everywhere. Language, especially their own, is of particularly high importance to the French.

Translations according to the native speaker principle

Around 274 million people speak French worldwide and it’s the official working language in numerous countries. Therefore, a German-French translation can become essential very quickly in this area too. Our proximity to France and Luxemburg isn’t the only reason to approach us with complete confidence when you need your specialist texts translating from German into French. Our native speakers always produce high-quality translations, which are impressive in terms of their linguistic, technical and cultural content.

Affordable translation German-French

In addition to offering translations for the language pair French-German, our certified online translation agency also provides translations in over 40 languages in a variety of specialist areas. To ensure the quality of our translations, all are processed using target country, native speaker and four eyes principles.

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