Around 65 million Italians speak Italian as their native language. This makes Italian one of the most important languages within Europe. It comes from the Romance branch of Indo-European languages and is also spoken outside of Italy e.g. in Switzerland.

The Italian Language

Like all Romance languages, Italian and its variations developed independently of each other, stemming from Latin.
Like German, Italian uses the Roman alphabet. However, the Italian alphabet only consists of 21 letters. The letters J, K, W, X and Y are only used in loan words that have been taken over from other languages.

Translation according to the target country principle

Italian grammar and sentence structure are much more complex than English, for instance. This can have an impact on e.g. the length of the text. Specialist translators are especially important for text types where the text length is crucial, as in the case of subtitling and marketing texts.
Native speakers, who work according to the target country principle, therefore guarantee texts that not only meet your business requirements but which are also adapted for Italian regional and cultural contexts.

Affordable translation German-Italian

Whether your business relationship with Italy is based on food products, machinery or the provision of other services: We guarantee premium quality specialist translations, not only into standard Italian but also taking all Italian dialects into consideration.
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