There are about 10.5 million people who speak Swedish as their native language. Due to the close historical connection with its neighbouring country, the Nordic language is also spoken in Finland as a second official language.

The Swedish language

Like German and English, Swedish is a Germanic language and stems from Old Norse. However, over time the language has evolved significantly i.e. it has been greatly simplified. Today, Swedish is also very much influenced by English vocabulary and phrases.
A characteristic of Swedish grammar is the so-called enclitic definite article. This means the placement of the definite article after the noun. Interestingly, Swedish only has two genders: common and neutral. However, most dialects make a distinction between the three genders.

Translation according to the target country principle

The fact that Swedish doesn’t have conjugations or declensions makes learning the language somewhat easier. The difficulty lies more in pronunciation. This not only deviates strongly from the written form but also varies depending on the region. If you understand someone talking in a rural area it is possible that you won’t understand a word of the Stockholm accent.
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