Spain is located in southern Europe, sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal. The country has an eventful history: Spain was a world power with colonies in Central and South America, then went through a civil war as well as a period of fascism in the 20th century. It was only in 1975 that Spain became a democracy and in 1986, it joined the European Union. Since then, many people have been attracted to the stunning beaches, the nightlife and the cultural diversity of the country.

The Spanish language

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It is also spoken in Central and South America as well as in parts of the US. Therefore, it is worthwhile, especially for online shops, to have their websites translated into Spanish – this taps into new target groups.

Like French, Spanish belongs to the Romance languages, meaning that it developed from Latin. A noteworthy aspect is the strong influence of Arabic due to the centuries-long occupation of the country by the Moors.

Translations by certified specialist translators

Around 450 million people speak Spanish across the globe! Speaking the language of your client is part of business etiquette. In fact, country-specific communication is absolutely essential in order to cultivate international business relationships. Spain is a definitive European Member State, which is why our clients regularly order German-Spanish translations. Our certified translators always produce high-quality translations of your texts from German into Spanish.

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