How you can work with us

We place high importance on a successful cooperation of all parties in all respects. With this in mind, our philosophy dictates that only the best quality can advance you as the translator and us as the translation agency. High quality translations can only be delivered if you as the translator have the necessary know-how and we can offer you the respective working conditions. This is why we ensure a good atmosphere for our cooperation. Only as a team can we provide work at the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

We also act accordingly: Our platform not only makes cooperation processes easier, it also represents a quality management system for all work processes. All parties involved in the translations are supported and guided by the system. Before you decide to accept an order, you receive all the necessary information, such as terminology requirements, delivery date and price. Your fee and payment terms are agreed upon in advance, ensuring that you always know the exact terms of our cooperation.

The legal framework is governed by our General Terms and Conditions for Translators, and after you have been authorized to use the system, we will make the relevant user manual available to you.