How much does a translation cost?

From web pages to flyers and literary works, we come across translations every day. But if you are thinking of having a contract translated for the very first time, you might be unsure about the pricing factors. How much a translation costs or may cost, is a common question.

Professional translations

Often, the free version, by means of machine translation, seems appealing – but although online tools are constantly improving, they cannot replace a correct translation, but rather merely offer an attempt of comprehension. Often, the meaning of the automatically generated text can only be guessed. Particularly in specialist texts the result is hardly comprehensible. This not only results in irritation and extra time requirements, but also things become quite expensive.

To ensure that your text is perceived positively you should entrust a professional translator with your work. They will ensure that your message is translated correctly into the target language and their experience and expertise will contribute to your success.

Pricing factors

There is no flat rate for the price of a translation. Several factors play an important part in the pricing:
How long is the text? Is a simple translation sufficient or do you require proofreading, editing or authentication? How urgent is the order? Are stored data from previous orders available? Last, but not least, the language combination also determines the price of translations.

The more information you can provide your translator with, the easier it is to quote you a realistic offer. The type of price calculation can vary: Some translators charge by DIN lines, others by words. In the literary field, billing is usually by page. The source text is always the basis.

No surcharge for specialist texts

In contrast to other providers, Leginda does not charge a surcharge for the translation of specialist texts. An advertising slogan needs to be translated differently than a business letter, or a medical report, this is why your text is always translated by an appropriate specialist. As the specialist is an expert in this field, there is no extra expense involved – and therefore no higher price for the customer.

Get a free quote for your translation

You can get a quote for translations from the Leginda portal at any time. Select your language combination, upload your text and receive an individual quote. For large orders, you benefit from volume discounts, i.e. lower word prices. Leginda also works with Translation Memory for price discounts – repetitions from previous orders or within one text become cheaper.

Thanks to Leginda’s fixed price, there are no nasty surprises after you have placed your orders, the price shown for the translation is binding.

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